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CyclyoVac Retraflex 40ft

CyclyoVac Retraflex 40ft

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With the Cyclovac central vacuum, it’s simply better

More efficient, simple to use and more powerful than a portable, the central vacuum allows you to clean effectively and thoroughly.

The many advantages of the central vacuum:

  • Central vacuums do not reject dust particles in the ambient air of your house for optimal air quality.
  • The durability and longevity of a central vacuum are much better than a canister vacuum.
  • The complete installation of a central vacuum in your home is an added value to your property in the event of the house being sold.


Icône d'un aspirateur central

A stationary central vacuum unit installed in a remote area (basement, garage, etc)

Central vacuum cleaners require the installation of a PVC piping system inside the walls by a professional in central vacuuming.

Icône d'une prise d'aspirateur central

Wall outlets that give you access to the vacuum system.

This network can be easily upgraded with the Retraflex* hose system which retracts inside the walls in a few seconds and remained housed in the the house's suction ducts, ready for the next use.

Icône du boyau auxiliaire WallyFlex pour aspirateur central

Choosing the right equipment to facilitate housekeeping.

Several other practical accessories are also available. Such as the WallyFlex auxiliary hose, the automatic dustpan, the Deco design inlet, everything to optimize the performance of your vacuum system.

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Bundle Up

You can bundle up and get a outstanding deal if you buy the Electrical Kit with your CycloVac Unit. The Kit comes with an AirStream Power Head, 30ft Electric Hose & all the accessories you need to clean your home with ease.

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    If you live locally, we will do free shipping every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With a Minimum order of $50.

  • Warrenty

    If you ever have any issues with your Central Vacuum Unit and is still under Warranty. Just send us a message and we will handle everything from there on.